Novels published by Fenechty Publishing include the Ann Perkins Detective Agency series and the Tony Falcon series.

Ann Perkins Detective Agency Series

Manchester, England, based crime thriller series with a touch of Northern humour.


When Ernie Wright prevents a robbery in the heart of Manchester, England, he starts a manhunt by both sides of the law. He is the mouse in the cat-and-mouse game between Manchester police and a Manchester gangland boss.

All he wants is what most of us would want, a million pounds in the bank. Unlike most of us he’s got a plan involving guns, banks and disguises.

What could go wrong? If you have to ask, then you don’t know Ernie Wright. Nothing is going to go smoothly. Nothing ever does.

ACCUSED – Book Two –

A client of the Ann Perkins Detective Agency is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, and Ernie Wright is tasked with finding the real killer.

What should have been a pretty routine case takes a turn for the worse when Ernie himself is accused of a different murder.

Murders, burglaries, car chases, kidnaps, bugged phones, secret codes, and false arrests.